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Sooo, I've spent the last hour finding cool things for Halloween. ^.^ I spent about 100k. *dies* That isn't really good right now considering donations are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO down :( But, that is to be expected, I did announce heads a while ago. *Sigh* We're still fine though. We have enough nps and if we really need it, we can always dip into other funds. ^.^

I have some cool prizes, but I'm trying to think of ways to get around TNT. I don't want the guild account frozen because of giveaways or contests. If people didn't scam, we wouldn't have this problem. People in general SUCK.

People in the lj community need to post more. *bites you all* I'm going to make a new layout. I've told Patience she can be in charge of all things for the community now. I've just got to make her a mod. I just have an idea for the layout.

If you have friends in the guild that might want to join our little community, tell them to do so! Force them to create an lj if you have to! Kaley did that to me and now look at where we are. If she hadn't done that, we wouldn't have this community. ^.^

So, if you have any ideas, please feel free to let me in on them. Neomail, instant message, bite, it is alllll good. ^.^
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