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Hey yall

Hey guys! How's school been? I just started today... and I feel exhausted. Getting up at six is not a good way to start a day... :P I got to switcheroo my time table, so i have two semesters of art. wahey! but you know what really bugs me at the start of school? (no offense) freshman! arrrg, the ones in my bus are so immature... it's like: "stop acting like you're in elementary all ready!". They really do though. One girl was screaming in the bus cuz this guy was being all disgusting and she was like "eeew" the whole ride! aaarg! and then they all complain there's too many people in the bus and that they don't reckognize where the bus is going and so on and so forth... airheads. (lol, no offense to freshman this year~it was probably my luck to be getting a bunch of morons on my bus. ;P)

i already got a bunch of homework!!! XD stupid government class. poo.
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