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Hey yall

Hey guys! How's school been? I just started today... and I feel exhausted. Getting up at six is not a good way to start a day... :P I got to switcheroo my time table, so i have two semesters of art. wahey! but you know what really bugs me at the start of school? (no offense) freshman! arrrg, the ones in my bus are so immature... it's like: "stop acting like you're in elementary all ready!". They really do though. One girl was screaming in the bus cuz this guy was being all disgusting and she was like "eeew" the whole ride! aaarg! and then they all complain there's too many people in the bus and that they don't reckognize where the bus is going and so on and so forth... airheads. (lol, no offense to freshman this year~it was probably my luck to be getting a bunch of morons on my bus. ;P)

i already got a bunch of homework!!! XD stupid government class. poo.
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We were all like that as Freshmen, seriously.

You might not think it now, but near the beginning of the Freshmen year you were very annoying to those who were upper classmen to you.

It's part of growing up. Freshmen are annoying, Sophmores (like myself) think they're much cooler than they are, Juniors think they own the place, and Seniors don't care because they'll be out of school in a few months.

Everyone in my Debate class and on my bus is like, 'Your a freshmen? But you're not ANNOYING!!' Its great ;)

Plus we're in a different building so I only spend like 40 minutes with the upperclass men ;)
i don't think i was that annoying as a freshman, to be honest. i only arrived in america half way through my freshman year, tooootally confused, having been studying in France half my life(french schools in my opinion are more strict and the kids more serious with work). School there is different, and I know I act much more differently compared to americans. these kids act like they're still in pre-school, and i find it annoying. -_- when i was a freshman i was in french 5 with many upperclassmen, so i kinda knew how to act controlled(actually, i felt like i fit in best with the upperclassmen). i also skipped to art 2, my first half year at an american school. i think the freshman are different each year, because i really became friends with some freshman from last year. this lot are a bunch of monkeys... -_-

i don't think of the classmen that way, we're all different people, and each year, a new type of group is introduced to the school. the freshman this year are just a pain in the butt(at least the ones in the bus), that's the point I'm trying to make. u_u
I'm not saying everyone was like that all the time, I'm saying the majority of the people in that class, act that way.

Of course you aren't going to think you were annoying, because 'cool' people don't think of themselves in that way.

Everyone is different, yes, but mainly why everyone, including you, thinks that the MAJORITY of Freshmen are annoying is because the Freshmen don't know how to act in high school. And if they were anything like everyone I went to middle school with, they basically goofed around the majority of the time and still made a passing grade. And they are carrying that onto High School until the relazation that comes with the first Progress Report/Report Card that they need to buckle down if they want to have a future.

Yes, there are some severly annoying Seniors, and super cool Freshmen, but I'm not talking about an indidvidual, and neither were you. I was talking about it as a whole.
i was the quiet student, never "cool". so bascally i never thought of myself as "cool" or "annoying", because you know, i'm not cocky in that way. i don't care about being cool, all i care about is fitting in(but i never will, because i'm not american, and don't plan on becoming one). you obviously are making a totally different image of me... i don't act at school the same way americans do, i wasn't brought up like that. i like to talk with people and make friends but people are soooo false and ignorant here, they say "hi" and "how was your day?" and "grrreeeeeaaaaaat!" but they never mean it, you can tell by the way they brush you off straight after. they act nice but behind that they're just plain terrible people. i'm foreign. get that into your thick skull.
Uhh, did I mention you in any of that besides the second little paragraph there? I think not. So for you to ASSUME it was you I was talking about, when in fact I was not, if your own problem.
look, i ignored the rest of your message because it was just some bull crap that doesn't apply to me. what you said in the second paragraph i found offensive because you don't have a clue what i'm going through. we don't all think the same way, so don't think i can relate to everything you say. and if you really wanted me to pay attention to the entire message, you shouldn't have separated it all into paragraphs. I've never experienced school in America until now, so don't think i know how american middle schoolers are. even my sister(lee, you know her i presume...) finds people here sooo much different than what she's used to, and she's in middle school. so don't think i can understand completly what you're getting at, i've never had that "american-middle-school-kid" experience.
That's why I was explaining it, since I knew that you had no prior exprience. And I wasn't trying to be mean, truely, with that statement about the who 'cool' junk. I was just messing around until you got all defensive on me.
yeah whatever... o_o;